Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana II | Confirmed

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana II

Some days we had pointed out to them that there was a good chance that Floyd Mayweather Jr will offer rematch Marcos “Chino” Maidana as the same U.S. had said he wanted to return to fight with the Argentine ago, however still had not made nothing official to this day where we can say that the September 13th both fighters return to step into the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The first fight took place a few months ago, was on May 3 and that fight was expected to Floyd Mayweather Jr will end very easily rival, however, things were very different in the ring since Maidana planted dearly for their defeat winning several rounds, he notes that even won the fight, although the decision was favorable to the Money, although it was a majority decision. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana II.

The manager made ​​official this second fight was none other than the President of Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya, who said it is a second chance for Maidana to demonstrate that it can against the best, as mentioned it will copromoteros by Mayweather Promotions .

In the first fight was never made official few were hiring PPV, however noted that this would be the primary factor in this rematch as they had very good sales and expected for this second fight things better or similar. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana II.

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana II | Confirmed

Miguel Cotto vs Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez

Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Maravilla Martínez Live

This Saturday we will have a fight that has aroused the interest of all the fans of this sport, and that will take the ring two boxers who seek high quality add a victory to his personal record at Madison Square Garden, we are talking about the Argentine , Champion defender , Sergio “Maravilla Martinez, who will have a tough task when he takes on Miguel Cotto.

Sergio Martinez enters this fight with the motivation to continue to enhance his legacy, is the reigning middleweight for the WBC and why this is considered the favorite , but with a slight advantage , but made ​​an excellent preparation knowing that 39 years physical conditions are not the same .

In another corner of the quadrilateral find the Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto who knows this in one of his last chances to lead a PPV function is 3 fights where was defeated on 2 occasions, so if he wants to stay in the elite boxing must add up the victory in this fight.

Everything indicates that this Saturday we will have a very exciting fight , two boxers who are considered among the best in the world and they have promised a war on the ring.

Miguel Cotto vs Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez

Bermane Stiverne vs Chris Arreola LIVE

Bermane Stiverne vs Chris Arreola LIVE

This Saturday activity Boxing returns high quality when they are played nothing less than the World championship heavyweight WBC, where Bermane Stiverne attempt to maintain its excellent step in the division when he has to face Chris Arreola has a new title opportunity now in the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles.

Some time these two fighters met to define the official challenger for measured Vitali Klitschko ago, however the Ukrainian leave the title to focus on his political career , so now is the opportunity both to get the victory , noting that in Stiverne won the first fight by decision to win the Mexican roots , so expect a close fight .

Both Bermane Stiverne as Chris Arreola know it’s the opportunity of a lifetime for this title is the most important in the world of boxing, both have done a very good preparation knowing that a defeat would be very painful , B. Ware looking to repeat the dose of the first fight and ” the Nightmare” revenge attempt that first fight.

Time for fight Bermane Stiverne vs Chris Arreola will air at 20:00 pm ET and will be broadcast live and uninterrupted by ESPN with great coverage from one hour before the “Golpe a Golpe” program also Friday Weighing Ceremony Stiverne vs Arreola will take , so if you want to enjoy this fight and know where they can do .

Bermane Stiverne vs Chris Arreola LIVE